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Layana Aguilar



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Introducing our fashion-forward Oversized Jacket, a masterful synthesis of style and substance. This statement piece is meticulously crafted from a thoughtfully curated combination of materials—Denim, Wool Flannel, Pleather, and Silk Linen—resulting in a jacket that transcends traditional boundaries.

The exterior is adorned with high-quality Denim, lending the jacket a rugged and contemporary charm. Denim's durability ensures longevity, while its versatile aesthetic makes it a perfect canvas for various styles, allowing you to express your unique fashion sensibilities.

Adding an element of urban sophistication, Pleather details are strategically incorporated, providing a sleek and modern edge to the jacket. The juxtaposition of Pleather against the Denim creates a dynamic interplay of textures, elevating the overall design and making a bold fashion statement.

To infuse warmth and a touch of timeless elegance, Wool Flannel is seamlessly integrated into the jacket. The Wool Flannel detailing not only enhances insulation but also brings a classic and refined element, making this oversized jacket suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Inside, you'll discover the luxurious embrace of Silk Linen lining, ensuring a smooth and opulent feel against your skin. The Silk Linen adds a touch of indulgence to the jacket's interior, elevating your comfort while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

This Dorothy Oversized Jacket with Denim, Wool Flannel, Pleather, and Silk Linen is a celebration of versatility and style. It effortlessly blends the casual with the refined, making it a go-to piece for those who appreciate fashion's ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse settings. Embrace the fusion of textures, revel in the warmth, and make a bold statement with a jacket that is as unique as you are.

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